Insulating Your Pull Down Stairs!

Accommodate up-to R60 insulation

These Attic Insulation Covers offer a very cost effective, and easy to install, vapor guard and thermal radiant barrier, and work for any climate(e.g. hot or cold;humid or dry). The Attic Insulation Covers also offer a separate coverlet that will boost the reflectivity factor and for adding up-to R60 additional insulation.

  • +10 R-Value w/ Up-to R60 Coverlet optional.

  • Easy To Install & Extremely Strong Product Materials.

  • Insulates & Air Seals Attic Staircase.

  • Built with ARMA Foil Radiant Barrier.

  • Insulated 2.0oz Polyester Fiber (ASTM D3574)

  • Reflects 95%-97% of Radiant Heat.

  • (All Components) 100% Made in America.

Attic Insulation for pull down stairs

The US Department of Energy provides an Attic Air Sealing Guide. They state in this guide:”One of the most effective energy measures for retrofitting homes across the United States is attic air sealing. This Building America-sponsored Attic Air Sealing Guide provides much needed instruction essential to achieving effective energy savings while avoiding pitfalls that can lead to combustion safety and indoor air quality issues. Read More

Incredible ROI

Installing an Energy Saving Attic Cover will quickly pay for itself.

Bottom Line

The more air that is lost to the attic or vice-versa the more expensive it will be to keep the condition air at your desired temperature.

Smart & Energy Wise

Sealing and insulating the attic access is the key to smart savings


Utilizing a properly installed energy saving attic staircase insulated cover will save you money..

Cover Up to R60

Installing an Energy Saving Attic Cover Can add up-to R60 insulation value


The more insulation the better and with our optional coverlet you can add up-to R60 additional insulation on top of the attic stair cover.

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