Affordable, Community Ready, Eco-Structures!!!

Built Like a Home, Not Like a Travel Trailer!!!

The Roomiest Tiny Homes On The Planet!

492 sq ft Real HUD Code Homes

♥ Our Tiny Homes “Feel Spacious”

♥ We build them on a wider 11 foot wide foundation

♥ Most tiny homes are built using the standard 8” wide plan & feel very cramped


We Build Them to Allow for “Real Home” Features

♥ Most tiny homes utilize tiny home components that just are not practical for long-term living

♥ Our Tiny Homes can accommodate standard furniture packages

♥ Our Tiny Homes have full size bathroom components

♥ Our Tiny Homes Provide Innovative, Economical “ECO” Friendly Living


 Our Tiny Homes Don’t “Feel So Tiny”


♦♦♦ Long Term Financing Available!♦♦♦